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Although natural values are crucial for most of outdoor activities, they are rarely included into tourism accounts. Balmford et al.1 estimate the global value of tourism in natural protected areas as USD 600 billion

Applicability of multifractal features as global characteristics of WorldView-2 panchromatic satellite images

In this work we analyse fractal and multifractal characteristics for description and extraction of information from VHR satellite images. We propose the degree of multifractality as a global descriptor of satellite image content and

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After decades of mining and industrialization in Qatar, it is important to estimate their impact on soil pollution with toxic metals. The study utilized 300 topsoil (0–30 cm) samples, multi-spectral images (Landsat 8), spectral

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Knowledge about the magnitude of localised flooding of riverine areas is crucial for appropriate land management and administration at regional and local levels. However, detection and delineation of localised flooding with remote sensing techniques