Wojciechowska, I., Kotarba, A. Z., & Żmudzka, E. (2023). Cloud type frequency over Poland (2003–2021) revealed by independent satellite-based (MODIS) and surface-based (SYNOP) observations

Recent studies have identified several statistically significant trends in cloud genera frequency over Poland. Notably, there has been an increase in high and convective clouds, along with a decrease in Stratus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus.

Milczarek, M., at al (2023). Object- Versus Pixel-Based Unsupervised Fire Burn Scar Mapping under Different Biogeographical Conditions in Europe

Wildfire detection and mapping is crucial for managing natural resources and preventingfurther environmental damage. In this study, we compared two methods of mapping burn scarsusing Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, a pixel-based approach and an object-based