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The main object of the research was to assess usefulness of Landsat TM thermal infrared images for geological application. Within the assessment special steps of enhancement of illegible image were implemented. On the first

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The PEARL system is a tailor-made platform based on a modular structure which provides an Environmental Management System for Port Authorities that allows the incorporation of future data sources (new in-situ sensors, future space

Kemper T., Jenerowicz M., Soille P. “Counting people in refugee/IDP camps in Darfur/Sudan: what error is acceptable?”, Proc. of VALgEO 2009, European Comission, Joint Research Centre, pp. 153-155

INTRO: According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the forced population displacement has grown in size and complexity in recent years; there were approx. 42 million forcibly displaced people worldwide at the