Logo incSIMIncSIM is a application that enables perform calculation of landscape metrics over categorized raster and vector data. This metrics are statistical coefficients that contain information about the size, amount or strength of one characteristic in a fragment of categorized satellite image or vector geospatial data. Complete image is divided in a regular square grid of given by user size (usually area values from 1ha to 100ha) where each cell represents a landscape. For each cell from the grid is defined the value of selected indicator.

At last version, IncSim enables calculation of more than 50 indicators.

About incSIM

Application has been developed under Matlab, but it has compiled as a standalone application therefore Matlab is not needed for it execution. Last version (1.0.6) enables to work with images in GeoTIFF format and vector data in Shapefile, visualize imported data and show the results after calculations. Aditionally obtained results can be exported in GeoTIFF, Shapefile, KML or Ascii Grid Format in order to enable interoperability with third party applications and realize aditional analyzes.

IncSIM also inlcudes a tool for multithreading batch processing that enable to calculate various landscape metrics over more than one image at once. If you need to process multiple image files or multiple indicators at once, please feel free to contact with us at zoz@cbk.waw.pl and we provide you all informations about how to freely download the batch version of incSIM.


IncSIM is available for it download under freeware licence, so is free of charge for it using and can be freely shared. In order to download IncSIM please fill the form located at right column on this page after that, the download links  will shown for all  below listed versions. Additional useful files for incSIM can be directly download from links listed below:

Other files:

Last published version

incSIM v. (September 2013)

  • Added support for vector shapefile as input.
  • Implemented vector version for all metrics.
  • Semiautomatic parameter configuration from input data.
  • Small changes on the interface.
  • Corrected minor bugs.
  • User manual updated. Description of vector support.


Archival versions

incSIM v.1.0.5 (April 2013)

  • Added new landscape metrics for landscape, class and patch levels:
    – Mean patch size
    – Patch size standard deviation
    – Patch size coefficient of variation
    – Largest patch index
    – Degree of Coherence
    – Degree of division
    – Splitting index.
    – Effective mesh size.
    – Splitting density.
    – Net product
    – Total Landscape area
    – Modified Simpson Diversity Index.
    – Shannon’s evenness index.
    – Simpson’s evenness index.
    – Modified Simpson’s evenness index.
    – Mean Nearest-Neighbour Distance
    – Nearest-Neighbour Standard Deviation.
    – Nearest-Neighbour Coefficient of Variation .
    – Mean Proximity Index.
    – Class Area.
    – Percent of Landscape.
    -.Landscape similarity index.
  • Possibility to pick more than one class for class and path calculations.
  • Added class type configuration wizard.
  • Changes on the user interface (main menu, class configuration)
  • Added export support to KML and Ascii Grid.
  • Redesign of the Batch Tool.
  • User manual updated. Changes on user interface

incSIM v. (December 2012)

  • Changes on user interface
    – Legend.
    – Result values preview.
    – Window scaling.
  • Export to Shapefile format.
  • User manual.
  • Multithread batch processing tool.
  • Load images from two period with different sizes.


incSIM v.1.0.3 (October 2012)

  • Added indicator calculation:
    – Perimeter-Area Ratio
    – Shannon Diversity Index
    – SEBI 04
    – SEBI 13
  • Changes on the user interface to enables work whit two images.


incSIM v.1.0.2 (September 2012)

  • Added indicator calculation:
    – Number of Patches,
    – Total Edge ,
    – Patch Richness Density,
    – Relative Patch Richnes


incSIM v.1.0.1 (July 2012)

  • Small changes at user interface.
  • Manually start of calculations.


incSIM v.1.0.0 (April 2012)

  • First application stable version.
  • Added indicator calculation:
    – Patch Density
    – Edge Density
    – Patch Richness
    – Simpson Diversity
  • Definition of grid size.
  • Import\export of GeoTiff format.
  • Capability to display input images and calculation results.