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One of the main objectives of geographical information systems is to support the process of decision making. Spatial modeling can be a useful tool to provide such support also for the analyses of general

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Ukrainian-Russian carrier rocket Dnepr, that was launched on August 17, 2011 from the Baikonur Dombarowskij in Russia, has placed in orbit the Sich-2 satellite. It is a satellite dedicated to Earth observation, designed and

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ABSTRACT: Image geometrization is one of the basic processes in satellite image processing. As a result ofthe transformations performed, georeference is attached to the image becoming a cartometric image. Depending of the used algorithm,

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SUMMARY: An attempt was made to trace the possibility of division of the content of satellite images into two basic classes associated with the “low” and “high” values of the texture. This classification approach

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ABSTRACT: In the second half of the 1990s, MAD (Multivariate Alteration Detection) method designed for detecting differences in multidimensional datasets was published. It was developed specifically for change detection performed on the basis of

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Satellite remote sensing is one of the main sources of information on natural environment and the processes occurring on the surface of the Earth. Satellite images of different spatial, spectral and radiometric resolution, enable

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Increasing amount of Very High Resolution (VHR) data requires new methods of information mining. In this paper we describe applicability of multifractal theory for VHR panchromatic image analysis. The aim of the study was