Stelmaszczuk, M. & Wołk-Musiał, E. (2009). Image enhancement within assessment of usefulness of Landsat thermal-infrared images for geological application. Remote Sensing of Environment, 39, 48-58

The main object of the research was to assess usefulness of Landsat TM thermal infrared images for geological application. Within the assessment special steps of enhancement of illegible image were implemented. On the first step of the image processing, the analysis of the image histogram was performed to assess an information content of the thermal infrared image and the radiometric enhancement techniques were applied. On the second step, the complex analysis of the full set of the satellite data using different statistic procedures and indices (OIF, MOIK, IC) (P. S. Chavez i in., 1984, Moik, J.G., 1980 za S. Mularz, 2002b) was performed.

The last step was the visual interpretation and the comparison of the generated data and geologic maps. The conclusion was made that the thermal infrared images from Landsat-5 satellite provide useful information for geological application radiometric enhanced and in multispectral composition.

Full paper (in Polish).