Banaszkiewicz M., Lewiński S., Aleksandrowicz S., Woźniak E., Kotarba A., Krupiński M., “Zastosowanie technik satelitarnych w rolnictwie zrównoważonym, wybrane przykłady zastosowań”, Problemy Inżynierii Rolniczej, 3(77), 109-122, 2012

Satellite remote sensing is one of the main sources of information on natural environment and the processes occurring on the surface of the Earth. Satellite images of different spatial, spectral and radiometric resolution, enable the acquisition of spatial information which may be interpreted directly, or may be used in processes of mathematical modeling. Satellite images may create a basis to determine, among the others, land cover and land use classes, cropping patterns, the condition of vegetation, water availability. This paper presents selected examples of satellite remote sensing application in monitoring of agricultural land: setting of riparian zones, detection of land cover changes, assessment of vegetation status and the diversification of natural environment.


Key words: sustainable agriculture, remote sensing, satellite images