Wojciechowska, I., Kotarba, A. Z., & Żmudzka, E. (2023). Cloud type frequency over Poland (2003–2021) revealed by independent satellite-based (MODIS) and surface-based (SYNOP) observations

Recent studies have identified several statistically significant trends in cloud genera frequency over Poland. Notably, there has been an increase in high and convective clouds, along with a decrease in Stratus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus.

Milczarek, M., at al (2023). Object- Versus Pixel-Based Unsupervised Fire Burn Scar Mapping under Different Biogeographical Conditions in Europe

Wildfire detection and mapping is crucial for managing natural resources and preventingfurther environmental damage. In this study, we compared two methods of mapping burn scarsusing Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, a pixel-based approach and an object-based

EOTiST project during IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress

Results of EOTiST project will be presented during he biggest European landscape ecology conference – IALE 2022. The conference will take place between 11 and 15 of July 2022. The list of presentations with

Nguyen Huu Ż, Kotarba A. Z. (2021), Reliability of visual detections of cirrus over Poland

Earth is a cloudy planet—at every moment, 62–72% of the planet is covered by cloud. Its presence and properties affect the flow of energy between the sun, Earth and the atmosphere. More comprehensive information


ARICA: A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data Both natural and humanitarian catastrophes result in massive displacement of the affected population. The problem of the continuous increase of refugees/internally

Woźniak E., Gabryszewski R., Dziob D. (2020), Remote sensing and electromagnetic wave behaviour to measure vegetation phenology with physics

Interdisciplinary models of teaching have been present in education systems for at least 30 years. The idea of the interdisciplinarity is to show students the contextualisation of subject knowledge, its relation to real-life problems

Szulkin M., Garroway C. J., Corsini M., Kotarba A. Z., Dominoni D. (2020), How to Quantify Urbanization When Testing for Urban Evolution?

Urban Evolutionary Biology fills an important knowledge gap on wild organismal evolution in the urban environment, whilst offering a novel exploration of the fast-growing new field of evolutionary research. The growing rate of urbanization


FPCUP – Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement. Główne cele projektu to: promowanie wykorzystania aplikacji i usług opartych o Obserwacje Ziemi wsparcie rozwoju europejskiego przemysłu kosmicznego i maksymalizacja szans dla europejskich przedsiębiorstw w zarezie opracowania

First Newsletter of MAIL project

The first Newsletter of MAIL (Identifying Marginal Lands in Europe and strengthening their contribution potentialities in a CO2 sequestration strategy,) is available online. In the newsletter you may find more details about project goals,

Kotarba A.Z. (2017) Inconsistency of surface-based (SYNOP) and satellite-based (MODIS) cloud amount estimations due to the interpretation of cloud detection results. International Journal of Climatology, 37, 4092-4104, doi:10.1002/joc.5011

Surface-based and satellite-based observations remain the fundamental source of cloud amount data for climatologists. However, both data sets show inconsistency related to the interpretation of instantaneous cloud detection, whether measured using the okta scale