Space App Camp 2014

From right to left, Danny Preussler, Adam Włodarkiewicz, Krzysztof Stopa oraz Johannes OrgisFrom 4th to 12th May two of our  software developers, Adam Włodarkiewicz and Krzysztof Stopa together with two android developers, Danny Preussler (Grupon) and Johannes Orgis (6Wunderkinder) from Berlin, have been selected to participate as a team at the Space App Camp 2014 to ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) located in Noordwijk (Netherlands).

Space App Camp is an event organized in joint by European Commission and ESA, aims at resulting in working mobile app prototypes, which integrate EGNOS and Copernicus data. In addition a business concept for the application shall be developed.

Adam Włodarkiewicz and Krzysztof Stopa at ESA's ESTEC

The camp includes conferences about the Copernicus and EGNOS, visiting ESTEC installations, learning about the possibilities of ESAs Business Incubators Centres and working and developing a mobile application using Copernicus and EGNOS.


Our team has developed an application called enviQ, that provides quick and simple information about the air quality at given location based on data provided by the Copernicus program. The application and presented business model was awarded as one of the three application that will receive support from ESA to continue it development.