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The number of hyperspectral sensors and data grows systematically and dynamically. Hyperspectral data delivers huge number of precise information but character of data requires specific methods of processing. One of these methods can be

Testing Texture of VHR Panchromatic Data as a Feature of Land Cover Classification

While it is well-known that texture can be used to classify very high resolution (VHR) data, the limits of its applicability have not been unequivocally specified. This study examines whether it is possible to

Change Detection Algorithm for the Production of Land Cover Change Maps over the European Union Countries

Contemporary satellite Earth Observation systems provide growing amounts of very high spatial resolution data that can be used in various applications. An increasing number of sensors make it possible to monitor selected areas in

Pyka K.; Drzewiecki W.; Bernat K. ; Wawrzaszek A.; Krupiński M. Usefulness of wavelet-based features as global descriptors of VHR satellite images. Proc. SPIE 9244, Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XX, 92441D (October 13, 2014)

In this paper we present the results of research carried out to assess the usefulness of wavelet-based measures of image texture for classification of panchromatic VHR satellite image content. The study is based on

Wawrzaszek A., Aleksandrowicz S., Krupiński M., Drzewiecki W. Influence of Image Filtering on Land Cover Classification when using Fractal and Multifractal Features. PFG Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung, Geoinformation Jahrgang 2014 Heft 2 (2014), p.101-115

Over the last years, many features describing satellite images have been proposed. In this paper we analyse and compare fractal and multifractal features in the context of the discrimination of the four most common

European Area Frame Sampling Based on Very High Resolution Images

Initiated in 2007, the Area Frame Sampling Europe subtask of the Seasonal and Annual Change Monitoring Service (SATChMo) Core Service in the geoland2 project delivered its final products in 2012. Three of these are