Drzewiecki W., Jenerowicz M., Aleksandrowicz S., Krupiński M. “Modelowanie przestrzenne potencjalnych dróg przenikania granicy lądowej przez nielegalnych imigrantów”, Annals of Geomatics, Tom X, Zeszyt 4 (54), 49-64, 2012

Increasing amount of Very High Resolution (VHR) data requires new methods of information mining. In this paper we describe applicability of multifractal theory for VHR panchromatic image analysis. The aim of the study was to examine if  selected multifractal parameters can be considered as efficient features describing the image. We used them as input attributes to decision trees routine. First results show that degree of multifractality used together with other histogram-based features increases overall classification accuracy.

DOI: 10.2788/49465.