FPCUP – Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement.

The primary objective of the FPCUP-project is to increase the number of Copernicus users and applications derived from Copernicus based on user requirements. Furthermore, the project aims at expanding the existing markets and creating new markets and competitiveness of European Earth Observation downstream operators.

Gerenal objectives:

  1. promote the use of earth observation in applications and services;
  2. foster the development of a competitive European space and service industry and maximise the opportunities for European enterprises to develop and provide innovative Earth observation systems and services;
  3. strengthen the European autonomous access to environmental knowledge and key technologies for Earth observation and geo-information service and thereby enable Europe to achieve independent decision-making and action.

CBK PAN is participating in following actions:

  1. Acceleration programme PL (12.2019-11.2021)
  2. Developing support for monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry (12.2019-02.2021)
  3. Acceleration – Go Copernicus PL (09.2020-09.2023)
Project duration: lipiec 2018 – grudzień 2023
Funding: FPA no.: 275/G/GRO/COPE/17/10042
Principal Investigator: DLR
Contact in CBK PAN: Michał Krupiński
Website: copernicus-user-uptake.eu