Geoland 2

The Geoland-2Project  was proposed in the first 7th EU Framework Programme in the thematic field “Outer space” in the GMES category. It’s a big “Cooperation” type project answering the needs of creation of Fast Track Service (FTS) for Land Monitoring Core Service {LMCS). This project is a continuation of former projects – the Geoland from the 6th Framework Programme and a service component of the “SAGE” by the European Space Agency.

SATChMo a yearly-season component which will supply medium resolution data about the changes in the coverage of terrains in Europe and Africa, seasonal cycle of vegetation development and high resolution statistic data (Area Frame Sampling _ AFS) about the changes in terrain coverage, harvest forecasts and the usage of arable land in Europe and Africa.

Oprócz serwisu SATChMo, w ramach projektu Geoland-2 wchodzą również serwisy EUROLAND (produktem jest Urban Atlas) praz BioPar (parametry dotyczące wegetacji kontynentalnej, bilansu węgla, obiegu wody).

Project duration: 1st September 2008 – 31st October 2012