GeoNetCAB – Earth’s satellite imaging is developing very fast. Earth’s observation systems are created worldwide for better management of Earth’s resources. One of the initiatives was the creation of GEO Group on Earth Observations a governmental team in 2003. It is coordinating a global system of Earth’s observation called GEOSS )Global Earth Observations System of Systems). Europe’s contribution to the creation of this system is a joint program of the European Commission and European Space Agency called GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security). One of GEO’s objectives is creating opportunities for for the development of the market connected with usage of satellite imaging. Similar are the aims of the GEO Network for Capacity Building.

The main objective of this project is the creation of conditions that would allow improvement and enhancement of the building potential in the GEO domain with an emphasis on the monitoring of environment in developing countries and new EU members and countries adjoining the EU. The purpose of GEONetCab is enhancing the efficiency and productivity in creating the potential of GEO for social purposes. The reason for creating this project id the developing market of Earth’s observation and still little awareness of the possibility of usage of Earth’s imaging.


As a project’s result has been created a report where is described the state of development Earth Observation Market in Poland. The document contains information about all insitutions, organizations and companies which are related with satellite technologies, its research and training and other disciplines related with the Earth observation in Poland. This report also includes informatioin about possible final users of developed products at this area. Full document can be download from Inventory – Polish context.

Additionally during the project also has been analyzed all possible uses of satellite technology and Earth Observation products in the European market for the benefit of the society. The entire report is available for download at: GEONetCab: Marketing Earth Observation Products & Services part 2


Project duration: November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2012.