Kemper T., Jenerowicz M., Gueguen L., Poli D., Soille P. “Monitoring changes in the Menik Farm IDP camps in Sri Lanka using multi-temporal very high resolution satellite data”. International Journal of Digital Earth. Taylor&Francis Group, print ISSN 1753 – 8947

ABSTRACT: This paper presents the results of the application of mathematical morphology for the automatic quantification of the number of tents and the detection of changes in the Menik Farm IDP camp in Sri Lanka. The tents were retrieved using an area-constraint top-hat opening applied to WorldView-1 data. The counting of tents was based on the centroids of the automatically detected structures indicating an overall number of 25,150 tents on the 26 June 2009. The comparison with a visual interpretation produced an R 2 of 0.97 with an error of 1.25%. In addition, an automated detection of changes inside a camp area was conducted. The comparison of the satellite image of 26 June 2009 (WorldView-1) and an image of 28 February 2010 (GeoEye-1) is based on mutual (mixed) information metric, after using morphological image processing techniques and previously specified criterion. Changes are observed on a terrain of around 15.2% of the total camp area and 3813 of previously detected structures disappeared in a period of 8 months.

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