IV Space Conference in Sieradz

On 8-9 October 2013 in Cultural Center in Sieradz held IV Space Conference “Heritage Arego Sternfeld. Earth as seen from outer space.”. This conference was organized in honor of Arego Sternfeld- one of the

Crisis Information Centre in fight against floods in South Sudan

As every year since August until October, the area surrounding rivers Lol and Jur in South Sudan is visited by floods caused by torrential rainfalls that occurs during the rainy season. The swollen rivers

Polish-Ukrainian seminar

Earth Observation Group as part of the EOPOWER project, has organized a seminar, which was attended by representatives of scientific institutions and NGOs from Poland and Ukraine, i.e. Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of

EOG at 17th Science Picnic

  On 15 June 2013 our team participated in 17. Science Picnic organized by Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre. Our stand was visited by many people interested in processing of satellite images. Main

GEONetCab final workshop

On 23 April in Brussels was held the workshop ‘Risk and environment management: the added value of satellite applications’, hosted by the Committee of the Regions, and organised by Eurisy in cooperation with the

Copernicus new official name for GMES

“Copernicus” is the new name for the programe developed by the European Commision knnowed before as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security). The new name was announced yesterday by the European Commissioner for